Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A bit of good news...

Today is only Wednesday.  We're halfway through the week by now.  But this has been a long week (it has felt like 3 Mondays to me), and full of sad news.  My heart breaks for three different families who lost loved ones this week.  I've experienced loss, and I know the pain.  I pray each family will find comfort and strength in our Heavenly Father, and in those friends and loved ones who surround them.

But I mentioned good news.  And while it is a bit of good news, I felt I needed to mention the heaviness that is also on my heart this week. 

The good news is... I am FINALLY going to be tested to see if I can donate a kidney to my dad.  I don't have a time frame for when anything will be happening, but I'm just so happy they can finally consider me as a donor.  So just a tiny bit of good news, and at a time when my heart needed some good news.

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  1. My prayers continue for you and your family. Judy Pazzula